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How well do you know your partner? meme sheepage - helen-louise
How well do you know your partner? meme sheepage
From griffen. Am answering for wuzzie.

1. Sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
Rock Band!

2. You're out to eat; what kind of dressing does s/he get on her/his salad?
He doesn't. If I get a salad to share, it'll have olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

3. What's one food s/he doesn't like?
Turkey or beetroot.

4. You go out to the bar. What does s/he order?
Coke. If alcohol is involved, Jack Daniels and Coke, or a Belgian wheat beer.

5. Where did s/he go to high school?
Does not exist in our culture. He went to the European School in Brussels.

6. What size shoe does s/he wear?
9, or rarely, 8.5.

7. If s/he was to collect anything, what would it be?
HEDGEHOGS! [1] More likely, bits of paintball guns or electronic components.

8. What is her/his favourite type of sandwich?
Bacon sandwich from Shelly's in Soho or some sort of ham/melted cheese combination.

9. What would this person eat every day if s/he could?
Bacon sandwich? Or innocent smoothie.

10. What is her/his favourite cereal?
Shredded wheat, though he only ever eats cereal if we're staying in a hotel.

11. What would s/he never wear?
Pink clothes.

12. What is her/his favourite sports team?

13. Who will s/he vote for?
Depends on the election. Most likely, Lib Dem.

14. Who is her/his best friend?

15. What is something you do that s/he wishes you wouldn't do?
I'll keep griffen's answer of Nag him about the housework.

16. How many states has s/he lived in?
Two: the UK and Belgium.

17. What is her/his heritage?
English peasant stock, primarily from the West Country.

18. You bake her/him a cake for her/his birthday; what kind of cake?
Banana or chocolate. He generally likes any cake that I make.

19. Did s/he play sports in high school?
Well, everyone has to do PE... but if you mean was he on a team, come off it! He did do canoeing at some stage but I think that was before secondary school.

20. What could s/he spend hours doing?
Fiddling with electronic components or his machine tools.

So how well do I know him? Apparently around 95% - I wasn't exactly sure of the answers to "Favourite sandwich" or "Favourite cereal". But when I asked him just now, he didn't know the answers to those either. While his answer to "What would this person eat every day if s/he could?" is apparently "Food?". Silly wuzzie.

[1] Richard's mum decided that he collected hedgehogs. When he asked her why she thought this, she pointed out that he had so many of them. Most of which she had bought for him. Hmm...

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baratron From: baratron Date: 1st September 2008 23:47 (UTC) (Link)
And Richard's answers for me:
1. Nothing!
2. None. Sometimes you'll put some balsamic vinegar on it.
3. Anything that makes you howl. (I collapse laughing). Coriander! [Cilantro for the North Americans.]
4. Water. Or some juice based drink.
5. Some Christian place. (I ask if he knows the approximate location). Surrey! I don't know... was it in Camberley? Frimley? I'm no good at remembering names.
6. 5 or 6 or 5.5 depending on where from. [Correct answer: 6 in UK sizes, 39 or 40 in European.]
7. Wolfies. You did collect octys, but you seem to have given up the octys. Partners? Mad partners! Or just mad people.
8. Bread flavour? (I prompt that I do like some sandwiches). Peanut butter or chocolate stuff. You like those in sandwiches? I thought you just ate them straight from the jar and ate the bread on its own.
9. Ben food!
10. Frosties.
11. A bikini? (I collapse laughing again). Would you? [He's right, I wouldn't ever wear a bikini. But I can think of lots of other things I'd never wear, like high heeled shoes.]
12. Help me out here. What sport?
13. Probably a Lib Dem person.
14. Me? Might be, I don't know.
15. Snore. Smoke. Play with my gadgets? Probably quite a lot of things.
16. One.
17. Uh... not enough space on form to complete. (Then he names the correct places).
18. Probably not a very good one. I have no cake cooking ability, I think. I'd probably do chocolatey crunchy cake because I can't really mess that up.
19. Under great duress.
20. Reading a book, arguing on the internet, posting in livejournal.

So he gets 90%, which isn't too bad :)
otterylexa From: otterylexa Date: 2nd September 2008 00:50 (UTC) (Link)
Surely the answer to 12. would be a paintball team?
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