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vaguely scientific burblings

Random thought: Did the improvement in my PMS symptoms coincide with a general improvement in my mental health, or when I finally gave up the struggle to digest animal milk and switched over entirely to soy? Or both? Could phytoestrogens from soya be relieving the splat in my own oestrogen production?

Interesting link of the day:
Monogamy gene found in people, New Scientist, 01 September 2008, 22:00. Where "people" = men in opposite-sex relationships. I'm a little uncertain how this is relevant to ethical non-monogamy or polyamory - you could hardly call me a "serial commitment-phobe" considering that I have three committed relationships - if anything, I'm a "concurrent commitment-phile"! Nor how it relates to a bisexual woman. Anyway, link posted for interest.

Terrifying link of the day:
Bipolar disorder 'shrinks brain', BBC News, Friday, 20 July 2007, 01:28 GMT. MRI scans of the brains of 20 patients with bipolar disorder and an equal number of volunteers without the condition shows that while everyone loses brain tissue in the areas controlling memory, face recognition and co-ordination, the loss is worse for people who are bipolar, and worst for those who had the most episodes of mania and depression.
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