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vegan festival, snot and interview - helen-louise
vegan festival, snot and interview
Went to the London Vegan Festival on Sunday. Saw friend_of_tofu, alextiefling and darkfloweruk there. IT WAS VERY BUSY! So much so that when I arrived (3 pm) they were having to count people in and out of the venue due to having exceeded capacity. Wow. Got some amazing (bilingual!) maple syrup chocolates from hipo hyfryd, some less than 1% fat but still tasty fake meat from Yagga, and various other odds and ends. Was somewhat taken aback that none of the people selling cakes had BOXES to put them in. Am I really the only person who could drop £10 at a time on cupcakes to take home and share with all my friends? Next time, will be armed with reusable plastic tubs.

Currently feeling a bit eurgh. Basically ok but snotty. Not sure if I'm going down with some virus or simply have a lot of allergies at the moment. So, the Alanis Morrisette-style irony is that I desperately need to clean my house, because it's dusty as anything and I am severely allergic to dust mite poo, but am in the worst possible state to tackle such a chore because I'm already all wheezy and sticky-eyed. Think I will be fluttering sticky eyelashes at Richard tonight and saying "Wuzzie, can you do some vacuuming please?". (Wuzzie contributions to housework haven't been happening so much lately because he is still trying to work two full-time jobs. Hmm.)

Am having a minor attack of wibbling and flailing because I have an interview at Birkbeck College at 6pm on Thursday. The timing is awesome, because even given how exhausted I've been the past week or so, I will be properly awake by then. Also it is with the member of staff that I got on fantastically well with at the open day. Nonetheless, it is still An Interview and thus still Scary, and I still have Fear that he will ask me chemistry-related questions to which I go "Uhhh..." and look like an idiot. Should really get offline and do some revision...

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From: x_mass Date: 11th September 2008 07:21 (UTC) (Link)

best of luck with the interview

sorry way behind on my Lj what with the_borderer and her getting into ruskin assuming refeences sort themselves out, may need to talk to you as well.

congratulations on birkbeck, somehow I read the post and all i saw was about you going to the vegan thing then I read your next post and I came back and double checked and my eyes must have missed it.

i'm really pleased about you going to birkbeck, I wish I was going this year myself but i'm just not upto it yet. Best of luck for the interview
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