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I swear that in a past life, I severely pissed off some deity of chaos. Otherwise, why should I receive a letter from Birkbeck's Registry which has changed my Unconditional Offer for a Graduate Diploma in Chemistry into a Conditional Offer for a Graduate Diploma in Molecular Biology (?!) on the same day my period started? Because I'm just so good at dealing with stress when I'm in pain and my moods are swinging too much for the mood stabilisers to cope with.

I suppose it's rather amusing that Birkbeck think I'm almost qualified to do a Graduate Diploma in Molecular Biology when the only qualification in biology I have is GCSE (the "school leaving" exams we take at 15-16), but nonetheless - I do not need this! Also, there is still no indication of the fees. The course is a Graduate Diploma but taught at the Undergraduate level, not a Graduate Diploma taught at the Postgraduate level - I'm sure I shouldn't have to pay the same amount as if it was a taught Postgraduate course.

I also have a form from their Disabilities Office which refers to "disability" (singular) all the way through. I'm uncertain how to even start with that one.
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