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Parents! Guardians! Idiots!

How flippin' stupid are some parents/guardians? My university course starts on Monday. Therefore, I do not know for certain whether I will be available to teach their kids on Saturday and Sunday, because I have to get myself ready for my own studying on Monday.

Apparently the fact my course doesn't start until Monday means that I should not have anything to do on Saturday or Sunday?! What universe do they live in? I may not be going away to live and study somewhere else, but I still have to sort things out!

I've also had to explain how I do not get half term from university, so while my students get a week or 10 days off in the middle of the term, for me it is the same as any other normal week. Therefore I will have the same amount of my own work to do as for any normal week, and cannot magically make more hours available. (This is why I suggested in August that Mr Two Hours A Day At His House should find himself another tutor, as I certainly can't do it. I'm basically only taking on new students who'll come to me.)

And the worst thing is that a lot of these people are themselves educated to university level and should remember what it's like. Bah.
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