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19:03 update:
I'm wondering if being desperately short of space on C: is part of the reason why I keep running out of memory, what with Evil Windoze Swap Files and all.

19:19 update:
Ok. It turns out to be not so much a Windows is evil but Microsoft Word 6 is evil problem. I still have plenty of memory, it's just that Word isn't using it properly.

20:17 update:
Amazingly, I seem to have fixed several of the major problems with this thesis. BUT, and it's a big but - I have completely lost page 111 of text! I know it's supposed to be section 5.3.2 Frequency distribution of PM10, but either I never got round to writing it, or the page has fallen out of these Word documents. Section 6.3.2 Frequency distribution of PM2.5 is similarly non-existent, although it seems to be *completely* non-existent as in I didn't even attempt to write it (it's not mentioned in the index).

23:18 update:
i cannot correct my typos as there is a dinosaur on my e=keybpard!

03:05 update: (after about an hour of fiddling)
Note to self: Some of the Normal distribution data boxes in these metafiles are all over the place. This is NOT something which can be changed. The original .qpc graphs have them all neatly formatted the same way, but something goes wrong when they are exported to .wmf.

03:25 update:
*baratron snickers. Ok, I am clearly in academic-mode. "The inability of the normal distribution to predict the occurrence of high concentration events becomes even more apparent when the histograms are redrawn with a logarithmic scale on the y-axis." Ability to write pretentious bollocks still exists despite the colloquialism of my usual writing style!

04:53 update:
* baratron has basically given up on going to bed just yet. I'm so close to finishing the damn thesis, I might as well FINISH it.

05:32 update:
OK, if someone could please tell me why fucking Word 6 is displaying page 109 on the screen and on Print Preview, but printing it out with page 110? I thought we lived in the age of What You See Is What You Get? Gah. Tippex all over my thesis. Damn you, Micro$oft. Will have to fix this when I get my own copy of the thesis bound (*hahaha*).

05:45 update:
It's done. I go sleep now. 140 pages, in fact. Not bad for an all-nighter.
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