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This post is tagged with "Moaning", feel free to ignore.

More college yesterday (Tuesday. I tend to regard a day as ending when I go to bed, so in my opinion it is still Wednesday now). This time Atomic and Mass Spectrometry. I barely understood anything that was going on. I've written it all down, but... eurgh. Mind you, this was all the Atomic Spectroscopy stuff, which I have no recollection of ever learning. Theoretically, I did enough solid state physical chemistry courses that I must have done some, but I really don't remember. Things will be much better when a) I've written up my notes in neat so they are legible and make sense and b) we get onto Mass Spectroscopy.

Feeling fairly ill at the moment. Hurting all over from two days of going up to central London for college. Hope my body gets used to it soon. Also still suffering from the wretched sore throat and coughing that started on Sunday 9th September. I had a cold for a week and got better from it, but the sore throat never went away. Went to see the doctor on Friday, who determined that my lungs sounded clear and breathing ability was normal, but my throat was "full of crud". A throat swab was done to find out if I had anything interesting growing there. The results were supposedly going to be back today, and I dutifully phoned this morning to see if they were - but no doctor had looked at it yet! I want to get rid of whatever is wrong with my throat!

Also, your heart bleeds for me I'm sure, because if I talk too much I start coughing and eventually retching (from excess snot that suddenly appears, yum), and I haven't been able to do singing in Rock Band for weeks. Which means that I can't play with Richard when it's too late for him to drum, because we only have the drums, microphone and one guitar. You don't seem to be able to buy Xbox guitars separately. It's not like I have vast quantities of copious free time anyway, but I'm sad not to be able to play when Richard or other friends are playing.
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