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note to self regarding The Sims...

Tim and Peter came round this evening. As noted in this journal, I've recently started playing The Sims again. This is, in fact, Tim and Peter's fault - at least indirectly. For various complicated reasons, one of the main families I play in The Sims is based on them, and I'd decided to use a snapshot from the game (edited slightly) for their Christmas card. Of course, after setting up the snapshot I got back into playing the game again and having all my time sucked out by it. Damn.

Whenever they come round when I've been playing their Sims, I have to show them how they're getting on. So I showed them the new house I'd built for them and the new interactions available in Hot Date, including all of the different hugs and kisses. (We like the one that includes bottom rubbing.) After 45 minutes of this, I found myself extremely tempted to ignore them and play The Sims for the rest of the night. I am somewhat concerned by this. I am also concerned by the fact that I was getting slightly confused between real life Tim and Sim Tim. I hope this was just because I was having a flaky day. Peter ended up cooking the dinner for us because I was too generally out of it to co-ordinate putting quiches in the oven. He is a complete sweetie - if he wasn't (a) gay and (b) my best friend's husband, I'd try to acquire him for myself.

I must remember that playing The Sims for hours on end tends to make me depressed. I'm not sure why. Though I spend a lot of time playing games of various descriptions, and have spent a lot of money on video game consoles and bizarre control peripherals, I hate sitting in front of the tv with a game by myself. It's just nowhere near as fun. I like to play games with other people - preferably co-operatively, rather than competitively. Adventure games work so much better with two heads exploring the landscape and solving the puzzles - and the strange music games I like are great fun even when you're just watching. Playing by myself seems wrong somehow - I get totally absorbed in the game, but something's missing. In Sim-speak, I'm getting Fun, but no Social.

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