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RANT (not very important)

Yet again we couldn't be bothered to cook, so Richard went to Wagamama to get us dinner. When he got home we proceeded to have a fight because Wagamama gave me the right meal on the wrong noodles - they gave me the standard wheat noodles with egg instead of the vegan rice noodles I'd asked for, and I was annoyed that he hadn't checked that they'd got it right. (I'm used to people messing up my special requests). But then he opened his chicken tama rice and found it had NO CHICKEN - it's just onions and courgette. And we discovered this at 22:55 when Wagamama close their kitchen at 22:50. So we have to go back tomorrow and get our money back.

Whoever made this order should BE SHOT. The guy on the till did it all correctly - mine is down as a saien soba on rice noodle, no onion, and that's what's stapled to the lid of the box. It's just not what's IN the box. Oddly, I was much less angry with Richard once we discovered that his meal was messed up too. HOW can you forget the chicken in a chicken tama rice?

And he went round to Domino's and got us pizza, which is not really what I wanted but at least means I am not a starving, ravenous wolfy. So we are all friendly again :)
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