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temperature-programmed desorption and other stories

I am very amused that a Google search for "do not participate in temperature programmed desorption of ammonia" lists 19 academic papers about temperature-programmed desorption before my entry on the topic. Some of them aren't even about ammonia! That's just pathetic - why should a link explaining why you should do temperature-programmed desorption of carbon monoxide be above a link that explains why you shouldn't do it with ammonia? I don't know... ;)

I have several college-related things to talk about but no spoons with which to do this. One of them is serious (bad/stressful), the others are neutral to good. Am trying to arrange an appointment with my course director to talk about the bad one, but it seems to be national Go And See Your Tutor Week. At least, when I tried to get an appointment for today I was told "I will be around all day but I'm already seeing students at 3pm, 4pm and 5.30pm", and every time I walked past there was a blind over the door for privacy. He suggested I could pop by the lab to talk to him later, but the lab was completely full of people and apparatus every time I looked there, and I figured that anyone who was still taking measurements 15 minutes before the lab closed needed all the help they could get. (As well as it being unsuitable to discuss a possibly sensitive issue). Will keep trying.

With regard to college, I feel as though I want to say "I'm exhausted, but I'm coping" - but afraid to say that as if the act of articulating that I'm coping will make the Universe dump a load of crap on me. Does anyone else get this, or is it just me being weird again? My entire body hurts and I've still got so much work to do, but I'm basically understanding what's going on in most of my courses. I think my brain is working on the right level, which was the thing I was most afraid of not being able to do. Hmm.
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