helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

too much to do, not enough time

Argh. I have been dutifully checking my college email every day and my work email every couple of days, but I haven't read my personal email since October and I have TOO MUCH to clear out. It's making me stressed.

I wish it was possible to set emails to auto-expire. I don't need to know that some company I buy stuff from was offering 25% off for three days only several months ago.

And yes, I'm sure I have lots of other news to relate - but I'm totally bogged under with end of term coursework. And will then continue to be bogged down by the huge amount of coursework that's due in some time in January. And it would be nice if Richard & I could use the Christmas break to reduce entropy in our house. Argh.
Tags: moaning

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