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Christmas cards - the 2008 version.

I am rather amused that last year I was posting on 12th December to say how very behind I was with the sending out of paper Christmas cards. This year it's taken me until today, 19th December, to get organised enough to send out paper cards. It is to laugh.

I shall attempt to plough through the past few months of my best-friends-on-the-internet's journals to find out what you all said about sending or receiving cards, but really, that will take more time than I have available. Personally, I love paper cards with their accompanying acknowledgement that the people I've met on the internet are as real as the people I've met in my walking-around life. Of course, I like getting cards at least as much as I enjoy sending them. But I don't really care about reciprocity - if you can't afford to or don't have the spoons to send a card, then I'm happy to send you one without you needing to feel guilty about not sending me one.

Last year I offered to send e-cards as well but didn't get round to it. Um... I'll try to send some if people want them?

Poll #1317957 The 2008 Christmas card Poll-thing

Do you want a Christmas* card from me this year?

Yes please - I like paper cards.
Yes please - I prefer e-cards.
No thank you.

The following partners, children, housemates and pets should be acknowledged on the card:

My address is:

The same as last year and I'm sure you have it.
The same as last year but I'll give it again in a screened comment.
Different from last year and I'll give it to you in a screened comment.

* Note that most of the paper cards I have this year do in fact say "Seasons Greetings" (Season's? Seasons'? Hmmm) so are appropriate whichever festival you are celebrating or trying to avoid.

Oh yes, and it's perfectly fine to give me a URL to a post with your contact details in.
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