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Queen of Late Cards

Extremely amused by all the comments on my Christmas card poll saying "if you don't mind late cards, I'll send one back" considering how late mine are! If you live anywhere other than the UK, then you're unlikely to get my card before 29th December at the absolute earliest! So of course I don't mind cards turning up whenever. Clearly, I am the Queen of Late Cards.

So feel free to send cards addressed to me (and wuzzie) at this address. Richard has gone ahead and signed all your cards even though he kept complaining "I don't know who these people are". I pointed out that you all know who he is, so he should shut up and sign the card anyway ;)

I've posted cards to the following people:alexmc, bondagewoodelf, firecat, hiddenpaw, hoopycat & veryfineredwine, kalmn, kshandra, lilairen, nessbutterfly, polyfrog, porcinea, quiet000001, jackspryte, rowan_leigh, suzanne, x_mass.

I will send electronic cards to: lindsical and moo58.

I have not bothered to post cards to: artremis and mjl as I think I will be seeing you before Christmas (if I can shake off this damned snot disease!).

If you are not on the list and want to be then please answer my poll and/or drop a screened comment into that post. Though please note that the Post Office will now be closed until Monday 22nd, so I doubt you'll see your card before the New Year. Well, it's the thought that counts...
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