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Today I have been suffering from being so flippin' freezing that I can't think. Currently I am wearing underwear, a thick short-sleeved t-shirt, an average thickness long-sleeved t-shirt, thick corduroy trousers, a belt (reducing the air gap around my middle), thick socks, slippers, a long tunic-style cardigan with a hood, and over the top of that I've put on my new super-thick wolfy-coloured dressing gown and pulled the hood up. The heating is on and I'm sitting with a warm laptop drinking hot herbal tea. And I'm STILL COLD.

The temperature inside the house is allegedly 18.3 °C while the temperature outside is only 2.1 °C. That's cold, but not VERY cold - I mean, my friends in Canada will be laughing right now at the mental image of me all bundled up in my own portable blanket when they're at minus something °C. Nonetheless, I FEEL COLD. And I badly need to get my hair washed because it's at the lank, sticking-to-my-head stage, which is just nasty. But the thought of getting naked just isn't happening right now. Even if a hot shower heats my body, the sitting around for several hours with damp hair part will make me freeze again.

I should write about Christmas at some point soon because I got some rather awesome presents, but coursework is eating my life. All I have time for is moaning! Heh.
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