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Brrr. - helen-louise
Today I have been suffering from being so flippin' freezing that I can't think. Currently I am wearing underwear, a thick short-sleeved t-shirt, an average thickness long-sleeved t-shirt, thick corduroy trousers, a belt (reducing the air gap around my middle), thick socks, slippers, a long tunic-style cardigan with a hood, and over the top of that I've put on my new super-thick wolfy-coloured dressing gown and pulled the hood up. The heating is on and I'm sitting with a warm laptop drinking hot herbal tea. And I'm STILL COLD.

The temperature inside the house is allegedly 18.3 °C while the temperature outside is only 2.1 °C. That's cold, but not VERY cold - I mean, my friends in Canada will be laughing right now at the mental image of me all bundled up in my own portable blanket when they're at minus something °C. Nonetheless, I FEEL COLD. And I badly need to get my hair washed because it's at the lank, sticking-to-my-head stage, which is just nasty. But the thought of getting naked just isn't happening right now. Even if a hot shower heats my body, the sitting around for several hours with damp hair part will make me freeze again.

I should write about Christmas at some point soon because I got some rather awesome presents, but coursework is eating my life. All I have time for is moaning! Heh.

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clawfoot From: clawfoot Date: 29th December 2008 20:43 (UTC) (Link)
It's actually been hovering here around 0°C for weeks now, freezing, thawing, freezing, thawing... but the kicker is that we've had RAIN here for a couple days, so not only is it cold (although not really cold), it's been really, really damp, which just makes you want to bundle under a pile of blankets and not come out.
baratron From: baratron Date: 29th December 2008 21:03 (UTC) (Link)
Personally, I think that 0°C with rain feels colder than -5°C with snow on the ground. If the snow has fallen and settled the air is dryer, so it doesn't feel as bad as when it's raining or going to rain. One of my friends was talking the other day about how there's such a thing as wind chill factor which is quantifiable, but there isn't a wet chill factor - even though damp conditions make both cold and hot weather harder to cope with. 30°C with dry air in the south of France is glorious, 28°C with muggy extreme humidity in Toronto is disgusting.

And then there's the whole issue of what dampness does to people with bad joints. If any part of you is injured, has been injured ever, or was plain not made right in the first place, it'll hurt more when the weather is damp. I don't think medical science knows why - they only acknowledged it as a real effect a few months ago (I saw the article).
maniackatie From: maniackatie Date: 30th December 2008 13:42 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, I wouldn't laugh at you outright for being cold in those temperatures... but maybe give a slight giggle ;)

Still, reactions to temps. is all relative. There's been days when it's been in the low pluses that I feel terribly cold because of the wind. It's that type of cold that just chills you to the bone, and you can't fully understand why. Our bodies are silly that way.
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