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Further to my last post, it seems the reason I was so cold on Monday was that I was full of disease - again/still. My body temperature got up to 37.8 °C (100.0 °F) and I came over all sleepy. Got up at 12 yesterday to teach a student for an hour and a half, then crawled back into bed and fell asleep with all my clothes on, and slept until 9 pm (!).

I am getting really bored of diseases. I seem to have had the same snot thing since college started at the end of September. Need to go and poke some doctors with a pointy stick until they figure out what's going on, because it can't just be one virus after another, can it?

My coursework has not been happening at a high enough rate for my liking. I'm wondering if I can get an extension based on disability stuff - it honestly seems to take me 5-6 times longer to do work than I think it should. I figured that the problem sheet I'm working on now (answer the following on 2-3 pages including diagrams A4 12-point) should have taken 2-3 hours, and I've already spent over 8 hours on it. This particular problem sheet is taking forever because of the length of answer stipulation - if I was allowed 7 pages including diagrams, I could have finished it by now. But I'm having to constantly rein in my excessive verbosity, and edit and re-edit the answers to try to squeeze them into the space, and it's doing my head in.

So tonight, instead of going to a party to watch other people get drunk while celebrating a festival I don't celebrate, I'm planning on sitting here wrapped up in my wolfy-coloured dressing gown & getting on with that problem sheet. Seems like the best way to spend New Year's Eve - doing what I intend to spend the New Year doing. Ergh.
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