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Spending all my Doctor Karma at once.

Went to the doctor on Friday, and probably used up all my doctor karma for the year. Firstly, I rang at 8.30 am and got through to a human being immediately! No "Your call is being held in a queue and you're currently number... THREE... In the queue" (punctuation according to the way the message is said), or plain old engaged signal. Secondly, I was able to make an appointment with my doctor, the one who only works 1.5 days a week. Thirdly, when I got into the surgery, I only had to wait 10 minutes to see him, rather than the hour plus that is typical. Fourthly, upon deciding that I should have blood tests, I was able to see the nurse right away as she had a gap in her schedule, rather than having to make an appointment to come in another day. All in all it was really rather pleasing, and will probably never happen again.

Health news is less pleasing. Doctor has no idea why I've been snotty since September. It could be some sort of virus that hasn't gone away, or a bacterial infection (that didn't get killed by the antibiotics I was on for my kidney), or an allergy to an unknown substance, or post-viral bronchial hyperreactivity - except that would normally only last 6 weeks. One of the blood tests will look at my various types of white blood cells to see whether any of them are raised. Am hoping the result will be blindingly obvious so I get treatment quickly.

Doctor also had no real idea about the itching. My gall bladder is ok and I don't have any signs of jaundice, but we've done a liver function test anyway. Due to the locations (everywhere that skin meets skin), he came up with a fancy medical name for it which I promptly forgot. He decided that it was probably a body systems getting out of whack because of depression thing, that it was due to excessive sweating or at least messed-up sweating, and gave me a cream for it. I believe this was hopeless over-optimism, because neither of us want to have to change my mood stabiliser. The cream is all very well but since the doctor's appointment (and before the first application of the cream), a rash started in earnest. And now the rash is growing at a rate of knots - every time I look, the patches of rash seem to have doubled in size. However! I have just found a website with photos of all the possible carbamazepine rashes (do I have to put a squick warning on that site? Is it not obvious from the description?). My rash is identical to the benign, morbilliform rash, and looks nothing like the "will possibly kill you" rash, which is all blistery. Blood tests will be in on Thursday which'll give some idea of how serious the reaction is from the allergy point of view.

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