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Oh my God!

The following news item is so meepworthy that I have posted it everywhere relevant I can think of. As lots of you still haven't joined the rhythm_action community despite liking that sort of game, I thought I'd post it here too.

I have just found the most unbelievable item listed on eBay: an actual Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix arcade machine! If you've never seen it before, have a look - these things are absolutely massive!

And it's a bargain at $2000 US (last time we enquired, they were going for £4000 second-hand). Do you reckon my bank would let me have a loan for it?
"What is the purpose of this loan?"
"To buy a video game from Korea."

Hmmm... maybe not. Our flat probably wouldn't take the weight of it anyway. But a nice dream.

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