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quick & boring health update

Still covered in itchy rash. Doctors are uncertain what it is. Suggestions include:
* intertrigo - a fungal infection that likes to live in moist places like in armpits and under breasts. Possible because lots of my rash is in those "skin meets skin" places.
* urticaria - allergic rash, hives. Possible because I'm allergic to all kinds of interesting things, and carbamazepine in particular is known for causing this in ~10% of people.
* ezcema - the third member of the unholy trinity along with asthma and hay fever/allergies. I have the other two, it wouldn't be surprising for me to have the third.

Thing is, if you look these rashes up in Google image search, you'll see they all look completely different. The rash under my breasts consists of large red merged patches like intertrigo, the rash on the inside of my elbow is scaly like ezcema, and the rash on my arms is spotty like urticaria. It's also possible that a lot of the rash has been caused by my scratching of delicate itchy skin and that my skin is spotty and red because I've injured it in scratching too hard. Really it's all a mystery, and I don't like being a medical mystery, thankyouverymuch.

So I am currently carrying out a scientific experiment on myself. I am treating the skin on my neck, under my belly and the right side of my body with a cream that merely suppresses itching (not very well). I am treating the skin under my breasts and on the left side of my body with the cream that contains hydrocortisone plus an antifungal. The experiment is not properly controlled because for that, I'd need a patch of skin left untreated to see if it gets better by itself, and a cream with hydrocortisone + anti-itching stuff to go in yet another place. When my skin is this evil and itchy, leaving part of it entirely untreated is just not going to happen. Nonetheless, I'm going to see which side gets better more quickly in an attempt to figure out what's wrong. Currently, my left armpit and under my breasts are winning over my right armpit and under my belly - but my right leg is winning over my left leg. You work it out, I certainly can't.

Results of my blood test were boring - all types of white blood cell look normal, everything else is normal except that my TSH is way high. 5.16 uIU/mL- it was 3.81 uIU/mL in August. However, carbamazepine can cause false high TSH readings, so they're not terribly bothered about it - "retest in 6 months". Hmm. Should I look into this more? Does being hypothyroid make you itch all over all the time?
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