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too much to do

Am having a weekend. STILL armpit deep in coursework, and I have to get my tax return done by Friday :/ The deadline is actually Saturday, but I've discovered before that the website doesn't work well on the final day because of sheer numbers of panicked last-minute submissions. Also, I'm pretty sure that if you use the online billpayer on a Saturday, you end up paying a small amount of interest because it doesn't go through until the next working day, Monday. I just had the amazing idea of paying my mum to do my tax return as she knows how to do them, but even then I still have all the coursework to get done. Urgh.

And I'm so very sleepy. Was working until about 5.30 am last night. I think it's pointless going to bed if I'm still getting useful work done - I tend not to bother trying until I'm at the point where my brain can't do simple arithmetic. Had to get up at 11 am to teach a student. When she went at 1.20 pm (having stayed 20 minutes over her time!) I went back to bed, and told Richard to wake me in a couple of hours. Promptly zonked out until 6.20 pm, and was too tired to get up for another hour. Am now continuing to fight the lab reports which have been expanding to more-than-fill the time available, but I'm so sick of them and I've still got so much to do.

If anyone has the power to stop the Earth for a couple of weeks, just to let me catch up, please let me know - I'll be ever so grateful!
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