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lab report from hell is done, done, done - helen-louise
lab report from hell is done, done, done
I'm just printing out my magnum opus. 9600 words exactly, and 29 pages. If I don't get a nice 80%+ A for this, I am going to be SO ANNOYED. I've answered all of the questions and points she asked for, with all of the statistical equations typeset properly, and all of the calculations included so you can see where I got my numbers from. And I've used 13 references to make sure all the background information about the method is correct. If you want to know anything about flame atomic absorption spectroscopy, ask me now before I forget.

You know your life is messed up when you're EXCITED about getting to bed at 3 am. And BUM - I forgot to put my name in the footer of the document, so I have to print it all again! (We're supposed to put our names on every page, in case of, er, lecturers assigning marks by throwing the coursework down the stairs, or something.)

I still have to do Prof H's carbohydrate coursework OF DOOM, and Howard and Philip's stuff that isn't even late yet. Eurgh.

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From: skibbley Date: 27th January 2009 09:42 (UTC) (Link)
Well done you!
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