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mass spec is done too, yay

My mass spectrometry coursework is done and handed in - and it wasn't even late!! I'm pretty confident that 80-90% of it is correct, because I figured out what I thought the spectrum should be, then looked it up in the online databases for mass spec. Only one spectrum was different in the database, and I'm pretty convinced that 2-methylpropane is the right answer because there simply isn't any other compound it should be - if it was straight-chain butane (or indeed just about any other alkane) there'd be a peak at m/z 29, and there isn't - only at m/z 15, 43 and 58. There are only two hydrocarbons with a mass of 58!

Now I "just" have to get the organometallic chemistry coursework done for tomorrow. There are pencil scribblings all over the sheet of questions, which means I've done about 2/3 of it. I don't really understand most of it, but I can play pattern match-up along the lines of "ooh, this equation has tin in it, so it must be the Stille reaction". Will hand in as much as I can make up answers for and go and see Howard the wuzzie to get him to explain it further.

I am really looking forward to SLEEP this weekend. Richard, on the other hand, has paintball training all weekend, so will not be able to catch up on sleep. Hmm.
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