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My bum hurts!

How on earth did I end up so physically incompetent? I have injured my left hip and buttock. My gluteus maximus will have the most enormous bruise on it in a couple of days, while my various adductor and abductor muscles feel all stretched and sore. The big muscle inside my thigh is hurt the worst, and the tendon on the outside of my knee is pretty sore too.

Now, given that my previous post was about snow, you are probably thinking "Aha, she slipped on the ice - ouch!". However, you would be wrong. I did not slip or slide or fall over on any ice whatsoever. Nor on carpets, stairs or polished wooden floors. In fact, to the best of my knowledge I went to bed on Monday night perfectly fine and woke up on Tuesday with my leg and bum hurting like hell. I can only presume that I was thrashing around during a dream and managed to hurt myself that way.

This would be weird and disturbing if not for the fact I have a history of injuring myself in my dreams. It's quite normal for me to twist my back up in my sleep and wake up in great amounts of pain, and once I managed to not only dislocate my shoulder, but put it back into place in my sleep. Apparently I am just a freak of nature.
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