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Snot. Again.

I am full of cold. It's really crap. On Tuesday I was going home from college and as I got up to get off the Tube at Waterloo, a woman COUGHED RIGHT INTO MY FACE, so that I had no choice but to breathe it in. Eurgh. I sat on the train home blowing my nose a lot in an attempt to dislodge whatever germs I had inhaled, washed my face and hands as soon as I got in, and washed my nose out with lots of saline, but to no avail. Snot disease has been a-go-go since Friday morning, and I would rather like some new lungs that are not completely filled with goo, thankyouverymuch.

A note for those of you who travel by public transport: if you are disease-ridden and getting off the train, and feel a cough or sneeze coming on, and your hands are full, then please aim for your own clothes rather than someone else's airspace. If you then have to spend the rest of the day with snot on your sleeve, that is your own problem :P I really do wonder why we don't adopt the concept of wearing masks to cover diseases with if you're in shared airspace - it's much more social than letting everyone else on the train catch your cold. Bah.

Yesterday I felt so horrible that I actually ran out of brain to do anything except sit passively in front of the television (!!). I wanted to watch the DVD of Spinal Tap that I'd bought for £5 on Wednesday, but it turns out to be broken halfway through. There's some issue with the two layers of the disc so that only half the film is watchable, and I'll have to take it back and ask for a new one. So I ended up watching Pokemon cartoons, and then some Powerpuff Girls, and finally putting on Galaxy Quest, which turned out to be almost exactly what I'd wanted to watch in the first place (make of this what you will). Although I was a bit alarmed to discover when watching the documentary "On Location In Space" that Alan Rickman's famous "Alan Rickman voice" is in fact his normal voice, and he doesn't have a non-sneering non-sarcastic voice for ordinary talking. I'd always assumed that he did. Scary.
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