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Amoxicillin - better or worse than placebo?

Coughing woman on the Tube MUST DIE! I slept late due to being ill and woke up having an asthma attack that wouldn't go away with lots of Bricanyl, also featuring yellowish-green lumps of Too Much Information. Spent 40 minutes at the doctor having a nebuliser treatment followed by a trip to the pharmacy for antibiotics.

Now at home wondering what to do with the rest of my day. Teaching is right out owing to inability to breathe well enough to talk for an hour. Getting on with my overdue college work is out due to the fact I don't have a brain. (Fever + coughing + wheezing does NOT make for a functioning brain). I'm not even sure that being online is terribly possible because my hands are trembling so much as I type this (have to keep correcting idiotic typoes). And I'm too scared to attempt sleep.

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