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Election! - helen-louise
Birkbeck Students' Union is having an election right now. Not that you'd know it if you didn't keep your eyes open. Unlike Imperial College Union elections, where you'd see posters up all over college, this one is strangely understated. Possibly due to the lack of noticeboards that students are allowed to put things up on? It's really different from the experience of walking down the Sherfield Walkway and being bombarded with election propaganda, that's for sure. The election started on Monday, I voted on Thursday, and got ballot paper number 75.

Bizarrely, one of my old friends from the Royal College of Science Union is one of the current sabbatical officers in Birkbeck SU. I still haven't spent enough time with him to know how he ended up studying there - the last thing I'd heard of him was that, having failed the second year at Imperial twice, he went to Queen Mary & Westfield, got a first in chemistry, and successfully completed a PhD. I'm not quite sure why he then decided to go to Birkbeck and study, er, law I think he said it was. I bumped into him after voting and commented on the fact that this election looks like it's going to be even less quorate than the RCSU elections used to be, and he said that the most people that have ever voted were 400. Four hundred people voting for sabbatical officers! That's just...

Anyway, one of the people standing had in her manifesto that she "identifies as bisexual, polyamorous and queer". So I voted for her. Not that having sexuality in common necessarily means that you'll get on with someone or they'll do a good job (witness the various trolls and idiots on, say, alt.polyamory, soc.bi, polyamory andbisexual), but I'm really rather pleased to live in a world where someone can declare that in their election manifesto. I remember when I was 21 and thought I was one of only about 20 polyamorous people in the country. Now there are so many of us that I don't even know them all!

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