helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

OK, so I am stupid. I've been boggling like mad about the "Current Music" box at the bottom of this update form. This computer doesn't have a functional sound card, so I was assuming that the livejournal site was adding all sorts of strange musical accompaniment to my post.

Heh, no. It's just where I put a note of what I'm listening to whilst writing the post. As I'm currently listening to nothing, I'll leave it blank.

The colour options that I've picked seem to be okay too. I don't like the yucky brown colour that "helen-louise's LiveJournal" is written in, but then this monitor displays colours in an, er, idiosyncratic way, and it's quite possible that on other machines it comes out as a much nicer shade.

*yawn* well, it's 12.38pm according to the clock on this machine, and I got up around midnight. For those of you who don't know, I suffer from a bizarre sleep disorder called Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome - you can read about it here. In addition to my usual sleep oddities, I spent a week in Seattle recently, and caught a cold while I was there - and since I've been back I've been sleeping _a lot_ and at weird times of day. I really have to sort this out, and at least get into a pattern (it's not so bad waking up in the afternoon and going to sleep in the early morning, but I absolutely hate waking up at night and not getting to sleep until the afternoon - it means that I can't talk to anyone in my time zone). I might write some more about that later, but right now I just want to get some sleep. A friend of mine's band is playing tonight, and I'd like to go along to see them.

More later, after sleep. Assuming I _can_ sleep, that is *sigh*.

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