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My d00m.

Yesterday Richard was moaning about Microsoft's tendency to call all its folders "My" something, so you end up with My Pictures, My Picture Messages, My Albums, My Videos, My Documents, My Received Files, My Briefcase, My Network Places, My Pants (sic).

Today I am looking at the Birkbeck website and I find they've done the same thing. The Student Information Portal contains "My Modules" and "My Studies at Birkbeck", and if you click My Studies followed by My Modules you can get to My Examination Timetable. Woohoo. Except... it's not my examination timetable at all, because my exam timetable includes extra time and late starts for morning exams. At least, it had better bloody do.

And joyously three of my five exams are scheduled to start at 10 am for people-in-general. Which is not possible for me for more reasons than you can count. And the Disability Office reckoned that the latest I'd be able to get the morning exams to start would be 11 am. Oh gods. The past couple of weeks, I've been falling asleep at 5 am. If this continues, I'll be trying to sit exams on 3 hours sleep...
Tags: college, disability, not a morning person, sleep disorders

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