helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

It's so PINK!

I think I've found what I want for my birthday: Daisy Rock Guitars - Rock Candy Bass, in Atomic Pink. I have to admit that as a chemist I am not certain that any atoms are pink, but it's so incredibly, awesomely pink that I don't mind.

I, um, really should get around to telling the story of the Evil Pink Stuff, a.k.a. Why H-L Shouldn't Do Organic Synthesis for everyone who didn't know me in, er, 1996. (That'll be almost all of you). Short version: It was supposed to be o-benzoyl benzoic acid. What it actually was remains a mystery, because I only had time to run one infrared spectrum and no nmr or mass spec - but whatever it was, it was pink. O-benzoyl benzoic acid is *not* pink. Various lab demonstrators accused me of crimes such as Leaving In The Catalyst or Not Properly Recrystallising It, but the catalyst wasn't pink either, and I swear I followed the instructions to the letter. It's true that I had a weird, porridgey, pink mess instead of lovely shiny crystals, but, er... I don't know why!! Except for the adage that Good Chemists Make Good Cooks and vice versa, and at the time my level of culinary expertise amounted to cooking dry pasta in boiling water and heating up a premade sauce in a saucepan or microwave. I sometimes wonder if I'd be any better at organic synthesis now considering that I can cook pretty well, but my random allergies to random chemicals suggest it might not be a great idea to try.

I played the cello for seven years and still really like the sound of lower-pitched instruments. I tried to take it up again a few years ago, but discovered that the posture required was no longer compatible with my back. I've been playing bass in Rock Band for months now and feel really suited to it, and I want a real bass to play. If this chemistry thing doesn't work out, I'm going to go off and become a rock star. Oh yes. 
Tags: birthday, life history, music

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