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Anvil! The Story of Anvil

Mother's Day in the UK falls somewhat earlier than the international version. Ours is technically called Mothering Sunday and is the fourth Sunday in Lent. I'm always surprised this doesn't apply everywhere, particularly in Catholic countries, but I suppose it's something we made up. Like Boxing Day.

You already know that my mother is Not Like Other Senior Citizens. Her favourite band is Rammstein and she is into all heavy metal and industrial music, especially German industrial. So the ideal way for us to spend Mothers' Day was to take her to see a film about a heavy metal band.

Anvil! The Story of Anvil is about the Canadian metal band of the same name who spent the early 80s opening for big names like Anthrax and Bon Jovi, yet somehow faded into obscurity. But Lips and Robb had made a pledge when they were 14 that they were going to keep rocking forever, and so there they were at the age of 50, with absolutely awful day jobs (e.g. delivering school dinners!!) because they needed to be free for their music. The film is about them, and their families, and still trying to live the dream despite a huge amount of bad luck and bad circumstances.

It really is a fantastic film. It's like Spinal Tap but in real life – hilariously funny in parts, while other bits will have you with tears in your eyes. Newspaper reviews here all gave it 5 stars, and said “If you're passionate about ANY kind of music, go and see this”. To me it's a movie about obsessed men, and heaven knows I live with one of those :)
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