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Well, honestly!

Regular readers of my journal will know that I get on quite well with P, my personal tutor. I went to see him on Tuesday about some stuff I didn't understand from one of his lecture courses. "Errrr..." he said more-or-less as soon as I walked into his office, which is never a good sign. "I wanted to get the mass spec coursework marked and back to you tonight, but I was marking it in alphabetical order, and... I haven't got round to yours yet". (My surname is near the end of the alphabet). I figured that throwing a tantrum would be entirely counterproductive, so said, calmly "Is mine the only one that you haven't done?". "Yes..." he wibbled. "OK", I replied, "Can you get it done for me to pick it up on Thursday?", which earned me a sigh of relief. He did, by the way, know several days in advance that I was coming to see him at that time.

So for anyone who ever thought that getting on with your lecturers got you preferential treatment, be warned - it can also mean the opposite. They'll leave marking your coursework 'til last simply because they know you're the one student in the class who won't pitch a fit about it! ;D
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