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Important Announcement

Apparently I haven't posted my exam timetable yet, as people keep asking me about it. This is probably because I've been too tired to write the fairly minimal amount of HTML required to make a table happen. So have random text instead:

21st May - Photochemistry and Concerted Reactions - afternoon
27th May - Atomic and Mass Spectrometry - morning
1st June - Biological Chemistry I - afternoon
4th June - Biological Chemistry II - morning
8th June - Transition Metal and Organometallic Chemistry - morning

The worst ones are 21st May and 4th June because they're the most difficult subjects. All the exams are the same length - 2 hours (plus 30 minutes extra time, which believe me I will be using).

Eurgh, I feel stressed now just looking at the list.

And to make this less pointlessly self-centred - if I had ANY spoons at all left, I would be outside the Burmese embassy with a placard again. Burma's Suu Kyi 'to be charged'. Like she arranged it? Argh.

Part of me is thinking I should ditch the bloody exams and go for the embassy protest anyway :/
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