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wish I had another couple of days :/ - helen-louise
wish I had another couple of days :/
By the way, if anyone loves me enough to send me good luck text messages, can I be very cheeky and ask you to delay them until 1 pm or so? I'm planning to stay up tonight until at least 5 am, as I'm more likely to get information in my head this way than if I try to get up early in the morning.

I know all about cycloadditions! I don't know anything about electrocyclic reactions, sigmatropic rearrangements or Howard's stuff though. Aargh.

Current Mood: anxious anxious

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nessbutterfly From: nessbutterfly Date: 21st May 2009 03:12 (UTC) (Link)
I love you enough... but will just say good luck here, because I doubt I'd get the time difference right and my brain is totally fried by very sick baby.

Good luck with the exams, bara!
(Deleted comment)
treacle_well From: treacle_well Date: 21st May 2009 11:50 (UTC) (Link)
I'm leaving you a good luck message here, because I'm unlikely to text at any time of day, and I think it's almost 1pm there now (but I might have that wrong.)

Good Luck!
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