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The Biological Chemistry II exam was okay. About 2 pm on Wednesday I had a panic attack with my entire body rebelling, and once I'd got enough drugs in me that I could leave the bathroom, I dragged myself into college. Have I said recently that Philip is awesome? Well, he is. I sat there freaking out, no doubt visibly upset, and he was calm and reassuring and explained things to me for an hour and a half. He deserves a medal.

So I went home and wrote out neat model answers to the past paper questions that didn't involve the Shikimic acid pathway. About 2 am on Thursday morning I got this funny feeling that he was going to ask an essay-type question about ATP. There weren't any essay questions on the past papers but... I dunno. So I wrote some notes out. Went to bed at 5, went to sleep after 6, dragged myself up at 10.30, ate painkillers and antiemetics for breakfast, went to the exam.

It was okay! There were three questions that I could answer and one other half-question that I could answer! The ATP question was number 2 on the paper! But I haven't done terribly wonderfully at it because I forgot the most important part of the reaction mechanism, which is that phosphate is a good leaving group and that's what makes the nucleophilic substitution effectively irreversible. Elsewhere on the paper I wrote that phosphate was a good leaving group but I forgot it in the context of that question!! Got some of the mechanisms right, knew all the steps in the various syntheses but made a few things up, got most of the isotope labelling right, but one part COMPLETELY wrong due to it being 10 minutes before the end of the exam and panicking too much to think.

So I could have any mark at all from 40% to 70% depending on how the marks have been allocated, and most likely have something in the 50-60% range, but that's a pass and frankly that's all I care about. I was never going to do brilliantly in a course with no coursework because I rely on that to make up my grade. Could have done better with a bit more time between Bio Chem I and Bio Chem II (even one more day would have made a difference), but it's done and I've passed it and that's enough. Only have Transition Metals and Organometallic left now.
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