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Here comes a very special boy.

Saw Tim & Peter tonight for pizza & polar bear exchange. (We co-parent a small plushy polar bear called Knut, who came from Iceland yet is a replica of Knut from Berlin Zoo when he was a fluffy baaaaaby rather than a Godless Killing Machine. If this doesn't make sense to you, don't ask.) Pizza was beyond excellent as it always is in Italian Graffitti, polar bear was naughty, surreal conversation occurred. I love them dearly, especially for the huge amount of help they've given me with my recent crisis.

I do not love that Tim gave me an earworm of the Philippe song, a.k.a. Freezepop's most silly song EVER, about Philippe the otter from Achewood. I may need to surgically extract my brain to get rid of it. Meanwhile, Richard was so discombobulated that he accidentally left a 115% tip by entering the amount he meant to pay in the tip box. Oops. If that's what happens on one glass of red wine, it's just as well he didn't have any Limoncello liqueur.

Tags: food porn, freezepop, tim+peter, wuzzie

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