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Promiscuity! - helen-louise
I've been speed-reading academic papers for a couple of days. This is because I am working on my dissertation. Actually, "dissertation" isn't a good name for this piece of coursework. Normally a dissertation is a presentation of your own research, whereas this is more of a literature report - read a load of papers and condense them into a coherent piece in your own words with references. Anyway, you know what academic style is like, and reading too many papers all in one go does break your brain rather.

Thus it becomes incredibly funny when I find sentences like this in the middle of an article: Several therapeutically used drugs bind to more than one receptor and are correspondingly termed "promiscuous" ligands.

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stellarwind From: stellarwind Date: 14th June 2009 17:06 (UTC) (Link)
So they'll bond with any receptor that gives them the time of day?
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aquaeri From: aquaeri Date: 15th June 2009 06:15 (UTC) (Link)

molbiol here

Ooooh yes, promiscuous ligands.
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