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Is my mind too twisty?

Am I really the only person who thinks that Michael Jackson faked his own death?

The guy has been having serious financial problems of late. He announced his comeback/final tour, which wasn't going to be a tour so much as 50 nights in one place (London). That got a huge amount of publicity and put him back in the press for the right reasons. Then he goes and dies - before the shows even started.

Well. Who's going to send their tickets back for a refund, under the circumstances? His estate will probably be bankrupt, which sorts out his creditors. And he's suddenly going to sell a lot more records.

How do we recognise people? Michael Jackson has had so much plastic surgery that he looks like a freak. This would actually make it easier for someone else to die in his place - it's much easier to make someone look just like a freak than to make them identical to a normal person. If someone who has had enough plastic surgery to make them look like Michael Jackson dies in Michael Jackson's home, is anyone going to question whether it was the actual Michael Jackson? Maybe it was someone else, known to be dying, who was paid to have the surgery and be found as the body. Funny how he was already mostly dead when the ambulance was called. You wouldn't want the fake MJ being reviveable.

Meanwhile, the real Michael Jackson just has to grow a beard and live in hiding for the rest of his life - not exactly something new to him anyway. And the press leave him alone, because now he's "Tragic Michael".
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