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No need for sleeping pills. - helen-louise
No need for sleeping pills.
I've started reducing my dose of Efexor, so as expected, I am feeling more than half-dead. Except things aren't really going the way I was expecting. I thought I'd get migraines, pins and needles, brain shivers and weird electrical discharges, as those are the symptoms I get when I forget a dose. Instead, I seem to have become basically comatose. Crashing out for 12 or more hours and still exhausted once I've struggled back into consciousness. As I write this, I've been "awake" for an hour, have thick black circles under my eyes, am yawning my head off, and feel ready to zonk out again.

I'm not sure whether I'm having the promised "bizarre dreams", because my dreams are always bizarre... but I certainly seem to be having a lot of dreams relative to the amount of sleep I'm getting. Which could be why I'm so tired.

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From: artremis Date: 1st July 2009 18:48 (UTC) (Link)
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