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Some of these products do not exist in reality.

For kightp and rjw1, and everyone else who loves bacon: Bacon Salt! Makes everything taste like bacon! Also Baconnaisse, which is bacon-flavoured mayonnaise. All the products are vegetarian and kosher (!), some are vegan.

For epi_lj and stellarwind: Awesome games of great awesomeness! Personally, I think that wuzzie and I should get Accordion Hero II, but Cthulhu Karts is also appealing. Note to meeping and gerwinium: Nacht Musik sounds like the best haunted house horror crossover since Typing of the Dead. And what Sims or Animal Crossing fan could resist Grand Theft Ottoman?

For anyone who knows enough about Pokemon to get the joke: Murderous Magikarp t-shirt. I want. Does not exist in girl sizes though, grumble.

Why is the coolest thing on the list fake?
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