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The world is smaller than you think.

Today I am Unimpressed with Threadless.com. Having spent a while on their site choosing stuff, I've come to pay for my order and discovered that it is not possible for me to buy things for someone who lives in another country to me.
Can shipping and billing addresses be different?
As long as the billing and shipping addresses are in the same country, you can use different billing and shipping addresses.

Now, this just seems bizarre. I can only assume it's some sort of fraud prevention thing, but... for the size of order we're talking about, I can't see why it's necessary. I mean, let's go on a t-shirt buying spree with a stolen credit card! Doesn't quite work, does it?

In this internet age tons of people have friends who live in different countries to themselves. It seems absolutely ridiculous for me to have to wait two weeks to receive a t-shirt in the UK, pay huge customs charges (the borderline here is so low - £18 iirc - that sometimes even one t-shirt can make you have to pay charges. I don't mind the % duty so much, but it's the £8/£9/£10 fixed fee "handling charge" that kills me, often doubling the cost of the order when postage is also considered), only to have to send it straight back to the US, taking another two weeks before it gets to my friend!

And it's just not the same if I PayPal over the amount of money to my friend and get him to buy his own present...
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