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The nights are always the hardest.

Depression sucks rocks [1]. I've spent the past four or five hours drifting along by reading other people's journals and talking on irc, instead of doing any of the things I meant to do. I've spent the whole night worried, stressed and unable to focus. But now the sun's up, my head feels clearer.

Something that someone wrote in her journal really upset me, and something that someone else wrote in hers really annoyed me. But I don't want to take people to task for writing things in their own journals, or to feel that they need to edit what they write in case I get upset by it. And the worst of it is that I can't explain why I'm upset in a matter of fact way because it's pushing too many buttons for me to be able to talk about it without my emotions taking over.

I think I'll just have to ignore it and get on with other things.

[1] Can I say this? I think in modern-day parlance things either "suck" (i.e. are bad) or "rock" (are good). But I seem to recall the expression "sucks rocks" from somewhere.

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