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Eating across America, one vegan cupcake at a time.

I LOVE NEW YORK!! In the 10 or so hours since arriving, I have eaten: one delicious soy burger, "smashed" potatoes, a fizzy grape drink made with real grape juice and sugar, a fresh vegan chocolate chip cookie, lemonade made with actual lemons, falafel with hummous and unlimited salad, and a chocolate cupcake top. The falafel was particularly exciting because it was from a branch of Maoz that I did not previously know existed, hence meaning that I have now been to a Maoz in five different major cities (Amsterdam, London, Paris, Madrid and New York). This is probably only exciting if you're me. Then we went to Babycakes and bought 2 x spelt chocolate cupcakes, 2 x spelt lemon cupcakes and 2 x gluten-free brownies with vanilla frosting and chocolate chips. Mmmm. They are all safely in the fridge, although I am thinking of going to make friends with one of them now.

In negotiating the puzzling New York subway system we accidentally went to Brooklyn ("Are we supposed to be crossing the river?" said Richard), but eventually made it to the Whole Foods at Union Square (not the closest one to where we're staying but the one I know the location of). There I went beserk with delight but still only acquired a small fraction of the vegan cakes, cookies and sweets they sell. I stocked up on the amazing Sweet & Sara vegan marshmallows that you can get here (they claim to have a best before date, but actually I've kept them in the fridge for over a year - rationing myself one at a time in cases of dire emergency!), including Smores made with vegan marshmallow - for Brits, think Wagon Wheels only with a thick digestive biscuit base and proper thick dark chocolate. You can probably heat it for the authentic campfire feel), some more brownies with peanut butter this time, Very Vanilla Silk soy milk and the Mori-Nu Tofu Mates stuff that makes unbelievable vanilla cream when whipped with tofu. I also discovered that a hand cream that I pay UK £12.99 for at home is US $8.99 here!!! I have nowhere near finished shopping, but we can't carry half of Whole Foods from New York to Boston and then back home. It's not practical. Though... I wonder about shipping non-perishables by post? Hmmm.

We have also done the obligatory tourist gawping. Richard has some awesome skyscraper shots that will go online sometime (he has a "proper" camera with tons of lens and actually knows how to use it). Despite having seen the Rockefeller Center's vile golden gilt statue in my photos, he still almost died seeing it for real. We went to the Nintendo World store (as disappointing as ever) and found a Sanrio store of great dangerousness. I managed not to buy anything there but it was difficult because I kept seeing "ideal presents" for various friends! Also it is on our way from the hostel to the subway, so I think some purchases may sneak their way in.

Now Richard is passed out on the bed next to me, sleeping with his mouth open. I'm stupidly tired, of course, due to less than an hour's sleep last night, only fitful sleep on the plane and tons and tons of walking today, but I'm not quite able to sleep yet. Going to drink some vanilla milk and take the rest of my tablets. Good night :)
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