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Freezepop forever and ever and ever and ever...

Things that are awesome:
  • Being in the same city as Freezepop for the first time in over 3 years.
  • Seeing Freezepop play twice in one day.
  • Seeing Freezepop being absolutely freaking awesome onstage because they're incapable of doing a bad show, even when jetlagged. (So imagine what they're like in their own town with all their friends and family around...!)
  • Liz Enthusiasm grabbing the vile bra I threw on the stage and whirling it round her head for the rest of Super Sprode.
  • Sean then putting it on his keyboard for the rest of the show.
  • Giving presents to Freezepop, because they give me the gift of their music every day.
  • Both Liz and Kasson commenting that it was "like my birthday or something".
  • All of Freezepop squeeing at the Get Ready To Rokk card that I gave them (especially the way I edited it with Tippex and a purple biro to have the correct spelling).
  • Having Sean love the t-shirt I gave him enough to wear it for the second show.
  • Kasson remembering my name and greeting me by it, multiple times. He's so pretty!
  • Giving Kasson the shiny dino that I made for him and having him love it. (Apparently "Made with love, not talent" is the motto behind his music as well!)
  • Meeting Seth (the "new" guy) and his horrible yellow trousers. The role of the second guy will be safe in his hands.
  • Meeting Izzy Maxwell and having him sign my Rock Band cover.
  • Meeting Sean's dad (Papa Drinkwater), who is just like an older version of Sean.
  • Richard taking ~5,000 photos (slight exaggeration) of the shows on his "professional" camera, some of which should be good enough to go online.
  • Hugging Freezepop people many times and kissing the boys.
  • Getting interviewed for the Freezepop documentary.
  • Being invited to the aftershow party and meeting some of the important people who get mentioned on the website and news stories.
  • Meeting Simon the dog! (Liz and Sean's "canine son").
  • Sitting in Sean's studio listening to the new album :)

Things that are less awesome:
  • Getting in at 4.30am and having to get up at 9.30am. Oh well.

Still processing... more story later. Currently at bitty and bubblebabble's with treacle_well, roosterbear and quillon. Should probably be social now ;)
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