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Photos to post.

I have a massive backlog of photos that I need to get online. At the moment this appears to include:
* Ryan & Dawn's wedding - June 2007 (!!)
* alt.polycon in Las Vegas - Feb 2008
* Blackpool - May 2008
* Iceland - June 2008
* BiCon 2008 - August 2008
* Wildhearts - September 2008
* marnanel's visit - September 2008
* NY/Boston - July 2009

Well, I've fixed two of those. BiCon 2008 is now online (photos friends-only, people referred to by real first name only, bystanders pixellated). Also Marnanel's visit is online (photos registered users only).

If you are in any of the photos and are happy for them to be made public, please comment here. Also if you would prefer for your name to be changed to livejournal username, or if you want both real and livejournal names included, comment here. If you can't currently see the photos due to not being on my trusted people list, errr... I'll have to work something out involving email :)

Update: A photo in which I look like an adult!
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