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boring post of boring medical-stuff

Haven't been writing anything, here or elsewhere. For the past couple of weeks, most of my days have been more-or-less identical:
* Get up too early.
* Teach my student for an hour and a half.
* Go back to bed and sleep for most of the afternoon.
* Wake up stupidly late and play Pokemon / Rock Band / Guitar Hero for the rest of the day.

Not really very interesting, eh?

I can't figure out why I'm so tired all the time, although all the extreme sleepiness has been accompanied by being cold (a person shouldn't *need* to crawl into bed wearing pyjamas and socks and then put an extra blanket on the bed as well when it's 24 °C inside the house), so I suspect it's something medical. Also my hair is continuing to fall out, so I'd better go and get my thyroid tested again. Although I'm not sure what good it'll do if it's still not bad enough to be treated under the NHS policy; and besides, I'm still coming off Efexor and it probably isn't sensible to mess with anything until that's done. I suppose it'll be useful to have multiple bad thyroid results in my medical records so doctor-people can see that it's been consistently low over a sustained period of time? Bah.

Coming off Efexor is going a lot better since Richard realised that I could make up the 112.5 mg dose (half of what I was originally on) by taking three 75 mg capsules at 16 hour intervals, rather than one 75 mg capsule and one 32.5 mg tablet every 24 hours. The tablets and I do not get on - they are an immediate dose rather than an extended-release dose of a drug with a stupidly short half-life, so they give me ultra-fast mood cycles and are generally Not Fun. But I'm fine on the capsules. Next week if I'm still feeling emotionally okay, I can lengthen the interval to 20 hours (although that will require some computation - currently, 5 pm, 9 am and 1 am is easy to remember), or go straight to 75 mg every 24 hours. Hmm.
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