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Gayer than a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide.

The other thing we did for my mum's birthday was go to see the musical version of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. I'd asked Richard to get the intermediate price tickets for all 3 of us, but Richard decided he didn't really want to go (musicals not being his thing), and instead got the expensive tickets for my mum & I, as this worked out to be the same amount of money. We had absolutely fantastic seats in the stalls where you could see everything!

The London version of the production has Jason Donovan starring as Tick, which leads to amusing riffs. For example, Adam/Felicia wants to be Kylie Minogue, and Tick says "I always fancied Scott, myself" - which brought the house down. Also, the costumes! The Village People's song Go West was accompanied by cowboys and cowgirls in silver PVC. Another song had dancers dressed as fairy cakes in crinoline dresses. The paper cup that you make the cake in was the crinoline over a hoop. Their bodies and the top of the dresses were the icing, with big dots for Smarties. And their headdresses were like birthday cake candles, which lit up at an appropriate point in the song.

Also, the scene where they paint Priscilla the bus pink to cover up the homophobic abuse written on her was done with many LEDs on the side of the bus, and the dancers dressed as paintbrushes. PAINTBRUSHES! Honestly, whoever came up with the costumes for this show has an amazingly warped mind. The LEDs were then used later for other songs with other designs, like rubber ducks floating on a pond.

I really can't describe how good it was in words. It was just the gayest thing ever. If West End musicals weren't so damned expensive, I'd have gone again already. And I came home wanting to be a drag queen when I grow up, which confused everyone. ("But... to be a drag queen, you'd have to wear high heels and shave your legs and wear make up and do all those other things which you reject as part of 'normal' femininity!").
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