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Out of energy. Redo from start.

I am exhausted. This is a normal state for me following a con - I spend three or four days totally hyper followed by a big crash. But I'd forgotten how much worse I feel after being involved in running an event.

Actually, although alt.polycon 8 is now over, there are still lots of odds and ends to tidy up. I need to send t-shirts to people, sort out the final budget, post a Chair's report on the con and pass on a load of stuff to the people in charge of alt.polycon 9. I should also write a personal report on the con, which is somewhat different from the Chair's report even though they're both written by me. But right now, I can't be bothered.

I'm used to running out of emotional energy, but this time I pushed myself past my physical limits too. I slept for about 18 hours on Monday night, and when I did get up on Tuesday, I could barely walk. It's been more than two years since my back has been bad enough for me that I was staggering round with a stick inside - normally I only need it when I go out, and then as much as a visible sign of disability than for support. We went to Pizza Express for dinner on Tuesday night because I couldn't stand up for long enough to cook, and had to get a taxi in both directions. I'm still not up to standing or walking around much, and I've been sleeping a lot.

Things haven't been helped by the fact I had my bag stolen on Saturday. Not from the con hotel - from the pub we went to for lunch. I cancelled all my cards straight away, so I shouldn't lose the £270 that the thief managed to run up on my Switch card. And my phone was insured, so a replacement turned up as soon as I got home. But I've now lost everyone's phone number. I have a couple of numbers which were also on Richard's phone, but that's it. No home or work numbers, only a handful of mobile numbers, and no non-UK numbers at all. I had something like 150 numbers on my old phone - 80-odd on the SIM card and the rest on the phone itself. So I need to beg you all to send me your details again.

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