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West Coast people!

I am in the process of booking flights to the US. They're looking something like:

Thurs 3rd Sept: LHR - SEA
Tue 8th Sept: SEA - SFO
Fri 11th Sept: SFO - LHR

though everything is subject to change depending on the cost. And yes, this is for next week. I've deliberately left it this late to get Last-Minute Deals (TM). So far this seems to be working out, as the prices I've been quoted are better than they were a month ago.

With any luck, I am going to have Sensible Routing too, and not have to fly home via Dallas / Houston / Philadelphia / Newark. (The flight via Newark was particularly stupid, leaving Seattle at 11 pm and dumping you there at 6 am, then flying out again at 11 am, getting back to London in the evening. Just what a person needs - a whole day's travel on no sleep.)

I think I have somewhere to stay in Seattle, but I haven't arranged anywhere in SF/the Bay Area. Please comment if you can accommodate a visiting h-l. Also comment if you want to see me! I don't drive (and wouldn't in a foreign country anyway), so I'm going to be dependent on public transport / lifts from other people.

I'll start being excited when I get the flight confirmation email... Also, I really should get round to posting the rest of what I wanted to about my last trip :X
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