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I have seen Freezepop again.

I can die happy now.

Seriously, PAX is freaking awesome. Words alone cannot describe it. 75,000 61,000 geeks, dorks and nerds, all in one place. I keep recognising people then realising I don't actually know them. (It's just that my brain keeps telling me I *must* know that guy with long brown hair, a beard, glasses and a t-shirt about science). So many new games to play, and games in development to playtest. So much free stuff that I'm going to have to FedEx it back because I can't drag it all to San Francisco with me. So many panels with game developers and random famous geeks being amusing for our entertainment (e.g. Wil Wheaton). So many great dorky bands in the evenings. So many people who can't sing playing Rock Band in public, oh gods.

I met Old Grandma Hardcore! She is MY IDOL in growing old disgracefully. Eeeee! And I went to a panel about the Rock Band Network, to which I can only say that it is going to be Totally Fucking Amazing.

Loud-purring, licky, demanding of hugs cat has gone somewhere else now, so I can go to sleep. I'm sure I will write properly about what I've been doing in Seattle later, when I actually have free time. Possibly on one of the other flights I'm taking. And I shall post my Freezepop photos of great awesomeness for those of you who like pretty people to squee at.
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