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San Francisco!

So it seems that PAX and hanging out with Freezepop ate my brain, because I've only just now got round to organising my trip to San Francisco, and I'm leaving tomorrow. Oops. Maybe if you look at the pretty pictures of the pretty Freezepop, you'll understand. Personally, I think that this is the best photo I've ever taken.

Anyway: my plans are totally up in the air, I haven't even looked at a San Francisco guidebook, I have no idea where any of the parts of the Bay Area are in relation to each other, and I don't have anywhere to stay organised yet. Woohoo. For some reason I am super-flaky this trip. I'm planning to remedy *some* of that disorganisation on the flight at least, assuming I get to a bookshop in the morning. Currently I also seem to have snot, although I'm remaining optimistic that it's "just allergies" rather than a cold, despite evidence to the contrary.

What I do know:
Tuesday evening:
Getting in to SFO at 5.20 pm. Being picked up by the_ogre, whose cellphone number I don't have. Having dinner with kshandra.

Wednesday daytime:
Probably doing tourist stuff with kshandra.

Wednesday evening:
No plans

Thursday daytime:
No plans

Thursday evening:
Having dinner with tiger_spot, brooksmoses et al.

Friday lunchtime/early afternoon:
Seeing firecat on the way back to the airport.

I still want to fit in mactavish and leback and others, and I want to be taken to some of the awesome museums that people mention, and see Bay Area LGBTQ stuff. Apart from that, I'll go along with whatever. I can eat pretty much anything as long as it's vegan, and I really like vegan desserts that aren't fruit salads or sorbet. (Though I am willing to forgo them in front of people who aren't allowed to eat them for medical reasons. It seems mean to put temptation in your way.)

I also have an American cellphone number. I may as well post this publicly as I'm not exactly going to be keeping it forever: (206) 779 9051. The SIM is in my usual phone, so calls and text are equally fine. (My British SIM is in a spare phone that I don't know how to use properly, so I'm not really using it for text at the moment.)

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