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Daily Mail journalists in public criticism shocker.

Further to my last post, please now die of shock to discover that Janet Street-Porter has written an article in today's Daily Mail which I agree with! The Daily Mail really does have some sort of multiple personality disorder going on - and I use "disorder" advisedly. Sometimes it can be a perfectly reasonable newspaper and print articles which are socially conservative but relatively tolerant, and at other times it reverts to spewing bilious hatred towards anyone who dares to be anything other than "middle England".

I've been trying to find the list of people that the Daily Mail hates (there's a checklist, and you can count up the number of points you get), but it seems to have vanished off the internet. Hrm.

BBC News reports that there have been more than 21,000 complaints to the Press Complaints Commission about the original article, which is apparently the most ever made about a single newspaper article. Good.

In other news, I am still alive, and not getting a lot done. Even Richard has SAD now (something to do with having been in Florida for a week, I think).

Update: I've just discovered that one of yesterday's Mail on Sunday columnists was even more scathing! "Let's get just one thing clear: the cause of Stephen Gately’s death was not gayness.

He was a young man. I don’t know if he had sex or alcohol on the night he died.

Many young men do drink and have sex, though, don’t they? Or is that just a gay thing?

This is particularly awesome considering that the Mail on Sunday has historically been even worse than the Daily Mail for sheer bigoted ranting about gays/ blacks/ Muslims/ illegal immigrants/ single mothers...
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